Dental Update

Toothache dental emergency – call Elation Dental 97252029 Croydon South for an urgent appointment!

Elation Dental Croydon South
Elation Dental and Eastfield Medical Centre are located at 111 Bayswater Road Croydon South

Dental emergency – toothache, broken tooth, infection, lost filling, chipped tooth? Call Elation Dental 9725 2029 Croydon South for an urgent appointment!

If you haven’t been to the dentist in years and are a bit anxious, that’s normal. We have three amazing, gentle dentists at Elation Dental. Dr Tina So and Dr Tim Wenas are experienced dental practitioners who can help you. We’re very friendly, can help anxious, nervous and frightened patients get your smile back in order!

A very common problem is a sore tooth. You may have an infection which is sore to press. It can also be difficult to chew on the tooth if it’s tender. Your filling might have come out (black, silver, white and sometimes even gold!). Biting something hard like an olive seed can also cause your tooth to break.

When we see you for the first time, there is some paperwork to complete. We need to know if you’re taking any medications, have allergies, or any operations. This is so we can treat you safely.

We then do a consultation to check your problem. Basic tests include a visual examination, seeing if your tooth is loose or tender to bite on. We may test the healthiness of the tooth to check the nerve is still good.

A very common problem is an old metal (amalgam which looks black or silver) that breaks – or the tooth next the filling breaks. When this happens we can repair your tooth using a while filling, or even replace the old metal filling entirely. For front teeth, sometimes a porcelain crown is the best option for a natural appearance.

Replace amalgam to composite fillings at Elation Dental, 111 Bayswater Road, Croydon South, Vic 3136!
Replace your black silver fillings to white fillings!

For an appointment, call us on 9725 2029. You can also make an appointment to fix your broken tooth or lost filling online at Elation Dental Croydon South!

We also accept Government vouchers from Inspiro and EACH if you are eligible. These are also called Victorian Emergency Dental Scheme vouchers or VEDS. We also accept VGDS which is Victorian General Dental Scheme vouchers if you have one!