Modern Dentistry – White Composite, Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Seeing is Believing

Recreate a natural looking smile with white composite fillings - we can replace black fillings to make them almost invisible!

Intraoral Cameras and Photos

We use intraoral cameras and digital macro photography to display problems so you can see exactly what's happening!

Dental Xrays

We use dental xrays to identify hidden cavities and other problems! For certain issues like wisdom teeth, we can also arrange bulk-billed OPGs!

Modern, kind dental care

At Elation Dental, we've had years of experience in helping anxious and fearful patients overcome your phobias. Don't be afraid to tell exactly what you do and don't like!

"Get the smile you've always wanted!"

Dr Tina So, Dr Tim Wenas and taylah at Elation Dental