Preventive treatment – Reduce new cavities and fillings!

Stop Tooth Decay before it happens!

Wouldn't you love not to have a filling?

When we were kids in the 80s, it seemed we needed fillings every visit. With modern Dental Sealants, fewer people need new fillings! 

Smile for a Lifetime

Unfortunately all teeth with fillings tend to have more problems are you age. Fillings can crack or come out, root canal treatment becomes more common and crowns may be required. Prevent the onset of problems at the beginning!

Healthy Smiles, healthy Life

Don't lose your teeth - speaking, chewing and digestion can all be affected! We want you laughing and smiling for your lifetime, and we can help you achieve that goal!

How can I minimise future tooth problems?

Fissure Sealants

Fissure Sealants are generally painless, affordable, and nearly invisible! Your back teeth can catch little bits of food, sweets and stains, which can develop into cavities. Dental sealants provide a slippery surface to reduce the risk of this from happening, and work for both young and old!

Fluoride Remineralisation

We do a professional scale and clean of your teeth to remove plaque and bacteria that weaken your teeth from acid. By then placing a Fluoride Remineralising treatment on your teeth, we can start to reverse the damage done, and reduce the risk of further acid damage to your teeth.

Tooth Mousse and Home Fluoride Application

Dentures, diabetes, a dry mouth and naturally weaker teeth are all at higher risk of tooth decay and fracture. Modern developments such as Tooth Mousse and home fluoride treatments can reduce your risk of dental problems