Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry – what does it involve?

 A Brighter Smile by Elation Dental!

Cosmetic tooth whitening / bleaching is often requested by our patients at Elation Dental Croydon South.

First we check your teeth for any problems. If you have a cavity, crack or sensitive teeth, these need to fixed first.

There are several ways to get whiter teeth. We usually recommend a custom made home bleaching kit in order to achieve the brightest smile, that lasts the longest, with the smallest chance of developing sensitivity. We take a plaster cast of your teeth and create a unique, individual set of bleaching trays. These are soft, flexible and comfortable trays that exactly match your teeth. We prescribe the correct bleach for your teeth, which you apply nightly over a couple of weeks.

We can also perform in-surgery whitening which can achieve brilliant white teeth in an hour or so. However, this may come with a slightly higher level of sensitivity - but is great for last minute occasions like weddings and formals!

Like all cosmetic procedures, results may vary; especially if you have some habits like smoking or coffee/tea/wine drinking.

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Replacement fillings

The days of having grey or black fillings in your teeth is mostly gone now.

Following a complete analysis of your needs, including taking xrays of your teeth to assess the extent of your old fillings, we can makeover your smile!

Amalgams replacements are done with rubber dam isolation (where possible) and high speed suction to minimise exposure.

New veneers and crowns for a more pleasing smile

We are able to provide veneers in both composite and porcelain to correct colour, shape, appearance and other issues you may have concerns with. We do a complete and comprehensive analysis of your issues to provide a beautiful, natural smile!


Achieve your ideal smile!

Elation Dental provides professional tooth whitening services, using custom made individual bleaching trays for the best and safest results!