Dental Checkups

Child Dental Benefits Schedule bulk billed at Elation Dental, 111 Bayswater Road, Croydon South, Vic 3136
  • Even baby teeth need to be checked, as they're often not as strong as adult teeth - problems can happy quickly and cause problems.
  • We often recommend fissure sealants, especially for our younger patients, as they are an ideal way to reduce the risk of cavities forming.
  • Sports mouthguards are an ideal way to reduce the risk of traumatic sport accidents damaging young teeth.
  • Fluoride mineral treatments particularly help young teeth "harden up"!
  • Wondering about crooked teeth? We work with great orthodontists in the area to do pre-assessments for orthodontic treatment and can organise referrals for your family.
Dental Tooth Whitening may have varying results for each individual.
  • Tooth Whitening is a commonly requested treatment to make sure your pearly whites are as white as possible!
  • Sometimes we find some traditional silver/amalgam or old dark fillings also don't look too pleasing when you smile - on request, we can assess the suitability of replacing these with modern tooth coloured white fillings.
  • Night-time tooth grinding is an increasingly common problem - we are able to provide a custom fitted grinding guard to provent longterm damage to your teeth and jaws.
  • Wisdom Teeth often tend to cause problems - simple cases we are able to deal with for you, more complicated ones we entrust to our local Oral Surgeons.
  • Unfortunately fillings and teeth don't last forever - we can deal with broken fillings or teeth in many ways, from new fillings all the way to crowns, bridges, dentures and implants (by referral)
  • Sometimes badly broken teeth may require endodontic (or "root canal treatment") in order to avoid having them removed. Thanks to new automated procedures, this isn't as bad as it used to be!
  • Occasionally there may be no choice but to remove very badly broken teeth. Simple cases we are able to deal with for you, more complicated ones we entrust to our local Oral Surgeons.
  • Enjoying the good life with wine, coffee and other things? Sometimes these can leave your teeth stained, requiring more frequent cleaning.
  • Missing a few teeth already? Our in-house prosthetist Mr Jeremy Kearns is one of Victoria's leading Dental Prosthetists, having led the technical department at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne.


Tooth Cleaning

Most of us require professional dental cleaning every 6 months. But 20% of adults (1 in 5) actually have gum disease, which requires further attention. We know what to look for - come and see us!

Fissure Sealants

This pain free and simple procedure can help reduce your risk of getting holes, cavities and fillings in the future - a modern and effective treatment we love to provide!

Crowns and bridges

Have a really broken tooth, or a small gap that you hate? Ask us about Crowns and Bridges as a way to fix these problems!

Dentures and Prosthesis

Mr Jeremy Kearns is a leading Prosthetist in Victoria - experience and kindness makes him our in-house specialist in denture construction and repair.

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

We perform simple Root Canal Treatment at Elation Dental.

Aesthetic/Cosmetic treatment

Sick of dark, stained tooth or old silver fillings? The Verdant Dental team can fully assess your concerns and come up with a well explained treatment plan to suit your needs!

Ready to start your journey to a better, healthier smile?

The dentists at Elation Dental are friendly, gentle and great people to know. Whether you're a new patient, or have been trusting us with your care for decades, we'll look after your needs!