Dental Emergencies

Toothache, broken tooth or filling, facial swelling/infection, dental pain, accidents or a fall?

Whatever the emergency dental reason, our amazing dentists at Elation Dental are able to see you promptly to address your problem and relieve your pain.

Call us on (03) 9725 2029 - if we don't answer, please clearly leave your name and contact number on our voicemail and we will call you back ASAP!


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How do you handle dental emergencies?

Tooth knocked out by sporting accident or trauma

Locate the tooth, and only hold it by the crown (the top part of the tooth, not the skinny part!). If possible, store the tooth in milk or saliva (in ziplock bag is a good idea). Alternatively, placing the tooth in the cheek may also keep the tooth moist - however if the patient is very young there is a risk of swallowing the tooth. It is critical to see a dentist as soon as possible! Call us on 9725 2029. We also highly recommend mouthguards for all patients playing sport.

Toothache and dental pain

Rinse your mouth with warm salty water - not too hot! If there's a swelling, try a cold compress outside your jaw. You may consider seeing your GP or pharmacist for pain relief until you can contact us on 9725 2029 for your emergency dental appointment. We always keep same day appointments available for urgent dental emergencies! Please avoid placing aspirin tablets on your tooth/gums as you can get a chemical burn from the tablet.

Broken tooth or filling?

Even if not painful, a sharp edge can quickly cause an ulcer in your mouth. Try to avoid filing any sharp edges yourself! When you visit us, we will check thoroughly to assess the health of your tooth, gums and dental nerve. We can use white (composite) fillings to reconstruct teeth to look like new! Or if your tooth is really badly broken, we also can do dental crowns to reconstruct your teeth. Sometimes tooth extraction is the only cure - we will assess and discuss your treatment options with you.

My tooth dental crown has fallen out!

Try to locate your crown and keep it safe - in some cases, we are able to reuse even old dental crowns. We will check your crown foundation to make sure it's solid first of course. If your old crown is cracked, or the foundation is no good, we may need to construct a new dental crown for you.