Dental Update

Victoria’s lockdown extended to Thursday September 2

Another extension to Victoria’s Lockdown

I know, I know… another week, another extension to lockdown. We’d love to thank our loyal, amazing patients who put up with us having to repeatedly reschedule appointments over the last 2 months due to lockdown rules! We plan to be open as usual from Friday September 3rd.

We are available for emergency and urgent dental care during all lockdowns

During all lockdowns, we are open to treat urgent and emergency pains, swelling, trauma etc. For emergencies, please SMS your name and your problem to 0402 968 183, or call our regular phone 9725 2029 and leave a message if unattended.

We are able to perform certain dental procedures during lockdown

In addition, the Australian Dental Assocation have announced we are permitted to perform certain procedures – procedures which are necessary to avoid further worsening of your health if not done. As a general example, if you’ve got a large cavity in your tooth, it could cause a large infection requiring root canal or extraction – unless the cavity is fixed urgently (for example, by a filling).
Over the next few days we will be assessing all planned appointments for the next 2 weeks of lockdown, and will be contacting everyone individually to reschedule, or confirm your appointments if required to be seen without further delays.

Keep yourself productive and energetic during lockdown!

If you wake up feeling a bit grumpy and down, that’s to be expected as we’ve suffered more than 6 months of lockdowns. One thing I’ve done is to grab a big whiteboard, and write a list of things I want to get done during lockdown.

There’s some boring things like cleaning the garage and organising the laundry, some fun things like new foods to try cooking, and some reminders – like getting some daily fresh air and exercise. As I’m doing these things, I’m ticking them off the list – it’s a good way to keep track of things to do, and things I’ve done!

Best wishes from the Elation Dental family – we can’t wait to see you again soon!?