Dental Update

You can still contact Elation Dental, as we are open lockdowns for dental emergencies and urgent care!

Our dental clinic remains open to serve our community during Victorian lockdowns

During all lockdowns, we are still taking calls on 9725 2029, or direct to our mobile 0402 968 183.

Dr Tina So and Dr Tim Wenas are attending the clinic for necessary treatments. We are permitted to perform dental treatments which are urgent, emergency or to avoid further worsening of dental problems. We are in the process of calling all scheduled patients to organise appointments in the coming week.

Mr Jeremy Kearns has temporarily suspended his denture clinic operations. This will be reviewed in the even of further lockdown extensions.

Emergency and Urgent Dental Care should not be postponed!

The Australian Dental Association has advised that we should be treating dental emergencies, traumas and other urgent cases. This is to help you avoid even worse outcomes – such as infections, abscesses, or further loss of your precious teeth! If you’re unsure whether you can be seen by us, please call 9725 2029 and leave a message if unattended. Another way to contact us is to send your name and a description of your problem to 0402 968 183 and we can communicate by SMS.