Dental Update

Get your smile on in 2020!

Welcome to another year!


Elation Dental Croydon South
Elation Dental and Eastfield Medical Centre are located at 111 Bayswater Road Croydon South


We’re back for 2020! We took a few weeks off over summer to rest and recharge, and ready to make 2020 a great year for us and our patients!

Eastfield Medical Centre

We opened our doors back in September 2017 in the old Network Video building on Bayswater Road. We’re happy to be sharing the space with Dr Tom Yam and his team from Eastfield Medical Centre. If you’re needing an excellent new family GP doctor, we highly recommend Dr Tom – give his office a call on 9725 6611! He also has Dr Karen Liang available on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Elation Denture Clinic – 111 Bayswater Road Croydon South

Mr Jeremy Kearns is available on Thursdays for your denture needs. For new false teeth, or relines/repairs to existing dentures, Jeremy will expertly and professionally solve your problems.  For appointments with Jeremy, please call us on 9725 2029. As Jeremy works directly with the dentists at Elation Dental, we can organise virtually all your denture needs in one place. We can organise bulk billed jaw/bone/teeth xrays (at our local xray clinic) in case you need bad, sore, loose or painful teeth removed.

Bulk Billed dental care for Veterans Affairs DVA patients and eligible kids

We are proud to support Veteran Affairs patients by bulk billing all required dental treatment to eligible card holders. This includes checkups, cleanings, fillings, extractions and dentures (DVA limits may apply). For an appointment, please call us on 9725 2029.

In addition, your kids aged 2-17 may be eligible for up to $1000 of dental care under Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Please call us on 9752 2029, or just come in with your Medicare card so we can check eligibility.

General, family and cosmetic dentistry

Has it been a while since your last checkup? If you haven’t had a dentist scale and clean over 6 months, there’s a risk you can develop gingivitis, which is a condition causing bleeding and swollen gums. The longer you leave things, or if you have certain medical conditions, this can lead to periodontitis; where your jaw bone can get weaker too, possibly leading to teeth falling out. No one wants to lose teeth – we can help you! Give us a call on 9725 2029, or book a dentist appointment in Croydon South online!