Dental Update

30/3/2020 Dental Treatment Update: Only EMERGENCY CARE permitted under Level 3 Restrictions

COVID19 Level 3 Dental Restrictions

Dental Emergencies ONLY can be seen at this time

We have been advised by the Australian Dental Association and AHPPC that Level 3 for dental clinics are now in effect.
COVID19 dental restrictions on TV

You must be 100% healthy with NO signs of illness to attend our clinics.

At this time, we can only provide EMERGENCY dental care for patients who have ZERO signs of illness/respiratory issues and have not been overseas in the last 2 weeks, OR had close contact with anyone else with illness or travel history.
If you attend our clinic with any signs of cough or respiratory symptoms, we must decline treatment.
If you attend our clinic, and are later found to have falsified any statement regarding your travel history, illness or contact with someone with a travel history or illness, we reserve the right to charge for decontamination of the surgery, and any and all costs to an unlimited amount in relation to clinic closure, staff treatment, commercial rent, and any further associated losses.

Emergency dental treatment is very limited under Level 3 restrictions

We are very limited in treatment we can provide. Emergency consultations, xrays, appropriate prescriptions, temporary fillings, smoothing sharp edges, and some extractions may be permitted.
We must absolutely minimise high speed dental drills or any equipment that generates aerosols.

Limited open days and hours yet to be determined

Our open hours and days will be reduced. If you have a genuine dental emergency (pain, swelling, trauma, fractured tooth/filling causing pain) then the best way to contact us is to send an SMS to 0402 968 183  with your name and brief description of your emergency. 
These are difficult times for everyone. The only reason we have not closed our doors entirely, is that we genuinely want to help out patients in pain, and to prevent overloading the hospital system with dental emergencies. Wishing everyone good health – please stay at home and wash your hands.