Dental Update

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening also referred to as Bleaching, is a process that results in a change in the appearance of the tooth/teeth. The treatment required will determine on the underlying cause of the tooth discolouration. Tooth discolouration can be a result of either external factors such as a surface stain or internal factors (internal staining). As a trend we find that a majority of the population’s teeth become darker with age. Other causes for tooth discolouration can be the consumption of highly coloured food for example: berries, tea, coffee and red wine, taking antibiotics at a young age, smoking and trauma. Tooth whitening lasts indefinitely but as you continue with your normal diet your teeth will create new stains. Bleaching and Whitening is completely safe as long as it is a monitored and registered product and is used under the supervision or instructions of a dental professional.