Dental Update

Update August 7 2020: Elation Dental is open for dental emergencies during Victoria Lockdown

From Friday August 7 2020, Elation Dental are still OPEN as an essential healthcare service provider.

Elation Dental is open as a COVIDsafe clinic for dental emergencies

Yes, we’re back in lockdown – again. We are dedicated to looking after our patients and anyone else who needs dental attention during this period.

What dental emergencies can we see?

? Pain, Infections, Swellings, Ulcers, Trauma, Toothaches
? Cases requiring Root Canal Treatment to relieve pain and infection
? Certain tooth and filling fractures
? Wisdom tooth pains and most extractions if required
?‍? Immunocompromised patients requiring dental care

How to get in touch?

To contact us, call 9725 2029 or SMS 0402 968 183.

Can I travel to attend Elation Dental?

Confirmed medical and dental appointments are exempt from the 5km travel limit. The 5km travel limit refers to shopping for essential groceries, not healthcare.
Relevant authorities can call us on 9725 2029 to confirm your appointment if required.

What dental work is currently not being performed?

We are deferring all routine, elective and cosmetic dental care until after #lockdown. Routine checkups and cleans are essential to reduce your risk of cavities, gum disease and other problems. However, we are under strict instructions from the Australian Dental Association and the Victorian Government that we need to prioritise urgent and emergency care.
Mr Jeremy Kearns has temporarily suspended the Thursday denture clinics until the end of September.

Verdant Dental is a COVIDsafe clinic

All appointments and attendees are subject to #COVID19 screening requirements as part of our COVIDSafe plan.  As per Victorian Government regulations, please attend wearing your facial covering. Please attend with a minimum of other people to your appointment – they will have to enter their details on our attendance registry. Social distancing and strict capacity limits apply.
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