Dental Update

Lockdown #6 ends – back to work from Friday October 22!

Mr Jeremy Kearns
Mr Jeremy Kearns

Victoria Lockdown #6 ends

Can you believe it, #lockdown will be over soon! We can return to regular operations from Friday October 22nd.

Call Elation Dental for appointments before Christmas

If you’ve been delaying your dental treatment, we’ve only got 8 weeks until Christmas – call us on 9725 2029 for an appointment! You can also SMS or call us on 0402 968 183 to organise appointments. We’ll also be contacting patients that we’ve had to reschedule for the last 6 months. Online appointment booking will be available again soon.
Dr Tina So will be available most days. Mr Jeremy Kearns will be available every Thursday for denture clinic. Dr Tim Wenas will be temporarily unavailable as he will be operating at our sister clinic Verdant Dental.

We operate with a covid safe plan in place

Please note that our Covid-Safe plan includes checking in, social distancing, density limits, and screening of patients. If you have any respiratory symptoms or don’t feel well, please contact us to reschedule your appointment.

Vaccination is our way out of lockdowns

Thank you #Victoria for enduring the world’s longest lockdown – can’t say it’s been easy for any of us, but it appears *touch wood* there shouldn’t be any more lockdowns in future.
It is a requirement for healthcare workers in Victoria to be vaccinated for Covid 19, and all staff and dentists at Elation Dental are fully vaccinated. We also carry out infection control of the highest standard, as dentists have always done.
We have had a lot of enquiries from our patients regarding vaccination status – while we would prefer our patients to have had one or both doses of the vaccine, there is no mandated requirement for patients to be vaccinated, at this time. All patients are screened regardless of vaccination status. If you have the slightest sign of any respiratory symptoms, coughs, cold, sore throat, runny nose etc, we reserve the right to decline treatment in accordance with the Australian Dental Association’s standard procedures, and reschedule appointments until you are feeling well.