Dental Update

Introducing Taylah!

Introducing Taylah!

Today was a beautiful day – springtime weather, clear skies, a crisp morning, and the first day for Taylah!

Taylah is a Ringwood local, and we’ve picked Taylah from many dozen applicants to be our trainee dental assistant at Elation Dental, Croydon South!

Why Taylah? She’s demonstrated a hard work ethic with several years in retail, with a real enthusiastic attitude and willingness to learn and try new things. Just today Taylah’s demonstrated her fantastic social skills, being able to put our patients at ease. Coming to the dentist isn’t always a relaxing experience, but in our many years of experience helping anxious, nervous and “chicken” patients it’s all about communication.

Thanks Taylah for a great Day 1, and we’re looking forward to many more days! If you’d like to have a chat with Taylah about teeth, dancing or anything in-between, give her a call on (03) 97252029 during business hours Monday to Friday. Please be nice to Taylah – she’s still just starting out and learning fast – so if there’s anything Taylah isn’t sure of, she’ll make sure to get a great answer from Dr Tina So, Dr Tim Wenas or Mr Jeremy Kearns to help you out.

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