Dental Update

Elation Denture Clinic Croydon South at Eastfield Shopping Centre

Need new dentures or old ones repaired?


Mr Jeremy Kearns


Mr Jeremy Kearns will help you get your smile back with new dentures! Jeremy will construct new false teeth, and he can also repair and reline old dentures.

Why do my false teeth get loose?

As we get older, our gums will shrink, teeth can get loose and these two things will make your dentures loose too. You can also crack false teeth accidentally (by dropping them). The metal clasps can also wear out or break. In some cases, Jeremy will simply repair your dentures – sometimes on the same day! For relines – where your old dentures are refitted to your gums – this will take a bit longer.

I want dentures that look and feel like natural teeth!

Nothing will ever be as good as real teeth, but Jeremy is amazing at making the next best thing! We’ll check your jaw size and position, determine the most natural tooth size and shape to match, and spend several visits fitting and adjusting your new dentures. It will always take a few weeks (at least) to get used to new false teeth.


Elation Denture Clinic at 111 Bayswater Road, Croydon South Vic 3136

Elation Dental sign
Our sign is above the entrance to our dental clinic in Croydon South


Call us on 9725 2029 and ask for a free consultation with Mr Jeremy Kearns on a Thursday! Plenty of free parking right out the front, and fully disabled accessible.