Dental Update

Elation Dental will be temporarily closed February 10-21

Welcome to 2023!

Hoping everyone has had a relaxing summer holiday break – now that we’re in February, it seems like everyone is back at school and work.

Our clinic in temporary hibernation –  we’ll be operational again soon!


Looking back at the last few years, it seems impossible that we were locked up at home. Forbidden from leaving the house or going 5km from your home. Told not to visit your family, and workplaces closed for months on end. Anyway… it happened, and now we’re taking a short break to rest, relax and recharge!

We’ll be closed from Friday February 10th, reopening on Wednesday February 22.

During this time, if you call us on 9725 2029 you can leave a voicemail. To make appointments, it’s easiest if you just make an online dentist appointment for Elation Dental by clicking here!

Eastfield Medical Centre will be open as usual.