About Us

Verdant Dental are the best dentists serving Niddrie, Strathmore, Essendon, Keilor, Tullamarine, Airport West and surrounding suburbs!

We are a group of experienced, friendly and honest dentists that have been serving the community with roots stretching back to 1987 when Dr Joseph Versace established his practice (Versace Dental).

Dr Tim Wenas has been working with Dr Joseph Versace since 2004, and is proud to be continuing the fine tradition of high quality, honest and expert family dental care under the name of Verdant Dental.

The word Verdant comes from the Old French word Verde - Verdant means Green, or lush with vegetation. Think of walking through a beautiful alpine forest, with tall trees, ferns, moss, butterflies and mist all around - that is what Verdant means.

What makes us different from dentists in the past? It used to be a grumpy old man or lady prodding at you, then dictating exactly what you had to do.

Verdant Dental isn't like that. As a University of Melbourne clinical demonstrator, it's been my duty and honour to help train young dentists to do the best for their patients. I teach students in the basic skills of dentistry, but also the people skills required. We listen to your concerns, learn about your personality, hobbies and interests, and after a thorough dental examination, we come up with a range of possible solutions to any problems we detect. We'll talk to you directly and not dictate treatment. We love for you to ask questions, and are happy to discuss your concerns - including those about results, costs, discomfort, success rate and whatever else you want to ask!

I'm proud to say that Verdant Dental has the best dental team that I've seen in two decades of professional work. Our professional dental team includes

  • Dr Christina Romanella - a dedicated perfectionist in her skills, and Verdant Dental's expert in endodontics (Root Canal Treatment). Christina started with Dr Versace back in 2000 and we are proud that she continues on with Verdant Dental.
  • Dr Alpa Lodhiya - incredibly patient and kind, Alpa has a particular ability to help the young and anxious feel at ease with her gentle bedside manner. In addition, Alpa is Verdant Dental's in-house expert in minor oral surgery.
  • Dr Sonia Sumer - an experienced and compassionate dentist, Sonia brings a wealth of professional skills to Verdant Dental and her relaxing bedside manner can calm the most nervous souls!
  • Mr Jeremy Kearns - As an advanced dental technician and prosthetist, Jeremy handles all of Verdant Dental's prosthetics works. His vast experience includes manager of the Royal Dental Hospital's technical laboratory, and he is capable of constructing artistic dental prosthetics (dentures or false teeth) to the highest standard.

But none of us could survive without the fantastic support team of Tanina, Agueda, Cherie, Janet, Rina and Jess who keep the practice operating smoothly - have a chat to the team when you're next in!

To our existing patients - thank you for your ongoing support over many years. We value your loyalty and trust in us, and hope to keep serving you for many years. For our new patients - welcome! You're going to love us - and I know no-one's every said that about their dentist before!


Dr Tim Wenas

Our promises

This is what we promise to do:

  • If you've got pretty good teeth and just need to make sure things stay that way - fantastic! Just like servicing your car regularly, ongoing care is the best way to avoid future problems.
  • If you're anxious - We're friendly and understand you. We don't judge or discriminate based on anything - that's not fair.
  • If you're embarrassed about coming to the dentist because you maybe haven't looked after your teeth as much as you wish you had - Hey, you do the best that you can, in the circumstances available. And trust us - no matter how bad you reckon your smile is, we've seen far far worse! We'll give you a realistic assessment of your situation and help you get back up.
  • If you've got a problem that needs attention - we'll always do our best to fit you in for a same-day emergency appointment. We're usually very fully booked up, but with spare treatment rooms available we may be able to double-book you in order to make sure your emergency is seen to as we hate turning anyone away, especially if you're in pain!

Our Three Foundations

A Lifetime Smile
We want you to keep your teeth for life. Smile, speak, laugh, eat and enjoy everything, everyday - just like you're meant to. Prevention is ALWAYS better than the cure!
You're in charge of your treatment.
We can tell you what's good or bad, and possible ways to fix things, but you get to pick what you feel is best for you. We'll give you all the information and explanations you need - the more questions you ask, the better decision you can make.
Respect, Honesty and Openness.
This is how we deal with our family and friends, and you as well.