Dental Update

Elation Dental offers National Dental Plan – No Interest Ever for your dental treatment!

Elation Dental sign
Our sign is above the entrance to our dental clinic in Croydon South!

National Dental Plan now available at Elation Dental. No Interest Ever!

We’re often asked if we offer payment plans – yes we do! For example, you might need a few bad teeth removed then some quality dentures made by Jeremy Kearns.

We start with a consultation to assess your problems, and usually organise some xrays to best plan your treatment. Once we’ve come up with a plan to help you, we can come up with an estimate of treatment costs. Our dental fees are already lower than the Victorian average dental fee (according to surveys by the ADA 2017) . However, in some cases you may require some extensive treatment that you’ve been putting off for a while. An example of dental treatment is crowns and bridges to replace missing teeth. We can also perform dental (tooth) extractions gently and with minimal discomfort. False teeth (dentures) are often a good way to replace multiple missing teeth in a reasonable amount of time.

Crowns, Bridges, Dentures with a dental payment plan are possible at Elation Dental!

Providing you meet some basic eligibility criteria, we can then submit an application for you for the National Dental Plan. This is a No Interest Ever payment plan. There are a few account fees which include

• Once off establishment fee of $70
• Fortnightly Payment Processing Fee $2.95 + Monthly Account Keeping Fee $3.50

Once we’ve helped you decide on what treatment you’d like, the payment plan can be calculated to see what fortnightly repayments are required. For more information, please visit for more information.