Aesthetic Rejuvenation

Get back to smiling in photos, Laughing Out Loud and getting out there with confidence! Ask us about a little "Smile Lift"!

White Fillings and Crowns

When I was a little boy, the holes in my teeth could only be filled with amalgam - that was the best material at the time. Nowadays we have modern Composite Resin material, which can create a much better match for the natural colour of your smile.

Preventive Treatment

Did you grow up needing fillings, fillings... and more fillings? Prevention is better than the cure - and the best prevention these days involve things like Fissure Sealants, Fluoride, Tooth Mousse and Floss Picks - these are all painless and effective ways to reduce your risk of needing fillings in the future!

Elation Dental Modern Dentistry

Our dentists are the best around - we have decades of experience, backed up with up-to-date Continuing Professional Education. We are clinical supervisors at the Melbourne Dental School at the University of Melbourne.

Balanced Treatment
We always try to provide balanced, fair and realistic treatment options tailored for YOUR needs. Our fees are at the average rate as determined by the Australian Dental Association.
Love our work
We have an amazing team, in a brilliant location, with lovely patients. Of course we love what we do - come and experience a new style of dental care for you and your family!
There ain't no such thing as a "stupid question"! We WANT you to ASK as many questions about anything and everything to do with your care - we promise to answer with as much detail as you need!

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