Dental Update

Periodontal Disease

Hi my name is Taylah and I’m the dental assistant at Elation Dental!

Today I’m going to share a bit about Periodontal Disease more commonly know as Gum Disease.  Gum Disease occurs when a build up of plaque at the neck of the tooth (closest to the gum) causes inflammation at the top of the gum. This then affects supporting structures of the tooth causing it to become weak, which if left untreated can become loose (mobile). There are many contributing factors which can cause gum disease such as: poor oral hygiene (not regularly brushing and flossing), menopause and pregnancy (due to hormonal changes in the body), genetics, smoking (chemicals in cigarettes can cause further inflammation) and medical conditions (such as diabetes, pulmonary and cardiovascular disease as they can encourage bacteria growth and weaker immune systems contribute).

As always the best treatment is actually prevention! Regular brushing and flossing along with regular dentist check-ups are ideal to prevent Gum Disease.


Happy Thursday!