Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry for the smile you want!

 A Brighter Smile?

Ask us about cosmetic tooth whitening / bleaching options!

Following a comprehensive checkup, Elation Dental can provide both take-home and in-surgery whitening (or both!) to help you achieve the bright smile you're after. Please note - results may vary; especially with some habits like smoking or coffee/tea/wine drinking.

Modernise your smile?

The days of having grey or black fillings in your teeth is mostly gone now.

Following a complete analysis of your needs, including taking xrays of your teeth to assess the extent of your old fillings, we can makeover your smile!

Amalgams replacements are done with rubber dam isolation (where possible) and high speed suction to minimise exposure.


Achieve your ideal smile!

Elation Dental provides professional tooth whitening services, using custom made individual bleaching trays for the best and safest results!