Simple and Affordable QST Orthodontics at Elation Dental!

QST Orthodontics for basic/simple adult smile alignment concerns.

Is it for you?

QST Orthodontics can fix minor spacing, crowding and tooth rotations in adults. QST Orthodontics is unsuitable for children. A full assessment is required to check your suitability for treatment.

What is QST Orthodontics?

QST is a treatment method that uses affordable clear/white braces. It focuses on fixing cosmetic front teeth appearance problems. QST can achieving rapid results, at lower cost than traditional full-mouth orthodontics. However for moderate to severe crowding, QST may not be for you. Call us for a consultation to check your suitability!

The System
We use genuine 3M brackets and QST Q Aligners (clear aligners, similar to Invisalign, Clear Correct etc) to achieve beautiful results in your smile. All orthodontic cases will require fixed and/or removable retainers to keep your teeth in their ideal position at completion.

QST Fixed / Removable clear braces to align your front teeth.

Traditional Braces

Traditional full mouth orthodontics requires around 2 years of upper and lower metal braces.

Q Fixed Braces

Using 3M Clear/White ceramic brackets, these are almost invisible!

Q Removable Braces

These Q Removable clear aligners can achieve amazing alignments!

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Ask for an appointment with Dr Tim Wenas (Tuesday and Thursday) for an adult orthodontic assessment!